Vicki Stavrinos
Artistic Director / Teacher
/ Choreographer / Dancer

Vicki Stavrinos

Vicki Stavrinos has been a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and businesswoman for approximately 17 years and has been sharing her knowledge and experiences with students through both dance and classroom workshops. Bam Bam Boogies is her performing dance company, specialising mostly in the preservation of Hip-Hop culture and how it has become as popular as it is today. She has been running the company for over 11 years and has been fortunate enough to perform and work alongside the biggest names in the business, including MTV, O2, ITV2, Sky 1 and many UK Festivals & Club venues, as well as winning a mentoring Business award & crowned Nations Best Dance Crew in 2012.

VixVicki StavrinosVicki Stavrinos

With the success of Bam Bam Boogies, Vicki was able to open up a purpose built studio in Essex (UK) called V Dance Studio, which enables dance enthusiasts to go and learn these cultured dance styles with her team, along with teaching other influential dance styles such as Bollywood, Zumba, House, Funk styles (Popping & Locking), Hip-Hop and much more!! Her dance background is mostly influenced by: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Prince, James Brown and many more. Vicki has also managed to gain an Associate level qualification as a dance teacher & has represented genres of dance such as Ballroom, Latin, Freestyle & Street Dance across many dance boards (N.A.T.D, UKA & ISTD).

She has been personally trained & continues to be mentored by The Electric Boogaloos (Popping & Boogaloo) both in the USA & UK, Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar & choreographer to Michael Jackson) and many other pioneers in the dance including The Twilight Players (Locking), Tyrone Proctor, Archie Burnett, Kumari Suraj (Waacking), The Lockers (Locking) & Elite Force (Hip-Hop). Her performance journey has seen her tour all over Asia & Europe both as an individual artist & as a part of major companies / agencies.

Vicki is more renowned nowadays for her choreographic, teaching & mentoring work, including:

Bam Bam Boogies: Artistic Director / Choreographer / Teacher / Dancer (2004 – Present Day)
IndigO2: Choreographer & Dancer for Yeka Onka (1st Nigerian Idol Winner); warm up act for
Shalamar (October 2011)
ITV2: Featured Choreographer – Bad Bridesmaid (aired August 2014)
MTV: Featured Choreographer – Fired By Mom & Dad (aired August 2015)
ITV2: Assisted Production / Choreographer – Pranksterz (aired September 2015)
I.S.T.D: Featured Dancer (representing Locking) – I.S.T.D Street Dance DVD Syllabus (October 2015)

She also works alongside School Boards, Charities, Health Clubs & Private Social Groups not only to promote the Street/Hip-Hop dance elements and offer motivational speaking, but also to encourage dance as a physical activity as well as a performing art.

Emma “Emskii” Nelson
Teacher / Dancer

Emma Nelson

Birthplace: Chelmsford, UK
Dance Style: Popping, Locking, House, Waacking & Hip-Hop

Emma has been training with Bam Bam Boogies for over 11 years, since ‘Bam Bam Boogies’ was first created. Throughout her time here she has been given opportunities to dance in venues across the UK such as the O2, Birmingham Hippodrome, London Hippodrome, Sky 1’s ‘Got To Dance’ and many more. Over the past 11 years Emma has been taught by a range of pioneers and innovators including: The Electric Boogaloos, The Twilight Players, Elite Force, Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar), Hiro (Japan), Kumari Suraj, Princess Lockeroo (USA) and many more!

Emma Nelson

Emma has qualifications in ‘Performing Arts’ and is currently the understudy to Vicki in assisting with the day to day running & admin of Bam Bam Boogies, as well as helping both Vicki & Tomo with creating & choreographing.

Jasmine Hall
Administration Manager / Teacher

Birthplace: Colchester, UK

Dance Style: Contemporary

Jasmine Hall is a Community Dance Artist based in London and Essex, curating and delivering dance projects under Jasmine Hall Dance and for dance organisations. Her ethos is to bring the power of dance to the community, specifically working with the older generation including those with conditions such as Parkinson’s and Dementia, young people with special needs and within schools.
As well as creating her own classes, Jasmine also works for a range of dance organisations and establishments. These include DanceEast, Trinity Laban School of Dance, Dash Dot Dance, Danielle Teale Dance, Green Shoes Arts and many more. She supports and delivers a range of workshops to bring dance to the community.
Jasmine is also a choreographer and dance filmmaker. She performs with Essex based dance company, Flux Dance Collective and has created and produced dance films, such as ‘RECLAIM’ (2018), in collaboration with filmmaker Dominic Munson.
Above all, Jasmine is our Administration Manager who looks after everything Bam Bam Boogies!

George “Astro” Hicks
Teacher / Dancer

George Hicks

Birthplace: Chelmsford, UK

Dance Style: House, Popping, B-Boy, Contemporary, Hip-Hop & Locking

George was first taught by Bam Bam Boogies, at Boswells School in 2007, where he instantly clicked with the music and all of the street styles that he was being taught. He then went on to train at the Bam Bam Boogies School of Excellence and is now part of Performing Dance Company & Teaching Faculty.

George has been teaching for 5 years now freelancing in various locations around Essex as well as being a resident Bam Bam Boogies teacher / choreographer. George is currently studying a BA Hons in Dance Studies / Performance at Middlesex University but is fairly often seen returning to teach our students on Saturday’s.

Credits include:
ITV2 series of ‘Bad Bridesmaid’
‘The BZZZ – Can’t Stop Running’ music video
‘Katy B – 5am’ music video
IndigO2 performance with the Bam Bam Boogies
House Semi-Finalist at Evoke ‘House of Hip-Hop’ Battles
Top 16 in House at Temple of Dance Battles
European Karate Championships 1st Place,
FSKA World Karate Championships 4th Place
GCSE Dance & A Level Dance



Birthplace: Essex, UK

Dance Style: B-boy

Ash-Lee is a professional B-Boy who has been dancing and teaching for over 10 years. He is part of the crew Methods of Movement. Ash-Lee has worked and performed all over the world for various company’s to name a few Sky, Adidas, Footlocker, Monster and Disney.

In 2012, with his crew Methods of Movement they got to final of Got To Dance. A year later, they were invited back to be apart of the Super Crew to perform on one of the live semi-finals. In 2016, Methods of Movement appeared on Britains Got Talent performing with there younger crew.

Ash-Lee is currently training for the UK stunt register and runs his own entertainment business Ash-Lee entertainment.

Ben L’agey

Ben Lagey

Birthplace: Essex, UK

Dance Styles: Popping, Waving, B-Boy, Hip-Hop & Street Dance

Ben attended his first ever dance class when Bam Bam Boogies was just beginning, hooked from the outset he continued to progress and has now been with the company for ten unforgettable years.

Through guidance of Vicki, and his own love for Hip Hop culture and music, he soon homed his skills and found his signature styles in that of musicality and slow jam.

He gets the most enjoyment out of seeing progression in someone who has never danced, knowing that they enjoy the class, build confidence and find a style that they never thought they would be able to do.

“Watching a person come out of their shell and flourish in a particular style, and to witness their progression over time into a strong dancer is the greatest thing a teacher can experience”.