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Bam Bam Boogies is a Street Dance Company based in Chelmsford Essex. It began its funky journey in September 2004 when it was created by Dancer and Choreographer, Vicki Stavrinos.

We offer high quality dance tuition & entertainment through dance classes, dance workshops & dance performance in the Street Styles of: Popping, Locking, HipHop, Waacking, Breakin’ & House.

It was through Vicki’s passion of Street Dance & HipHop Culture that inspired her to create Bam Bam Boogies.  Her love for the dance was something she was eager to share and introduce to the local areas of Essex (primarily Chelmsford) so that those who had a mutual interest in Street Dance, and the music that accompanied it, could build a sense of belonging and community.

We are not only inspired by, but are fortunate enough to work closely with the pioneers & innovators of these Street Styles, from The Electric Boogaloos, The Lockers & Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar) to Elite Force, Imperial House of Waacking & The Twilight Players to name but a few.

Our students will be introduced to, and given the opportunity to learn from such pioneers and innovators, they can also have confidence that the whole of the Bam Bam Boogies Team are trained to a high level of physicality & knowledge regarding Street Dance, something that gives us a unique edge to other dance companies / schools alike.

To find out more about our Bam Bam Boogies Teachers please see our Biography links for all the individual credentials of the team.

We are a performance based company meaning you can regularly catch us performing on local, national & international stages, we also produce & hold our own stage shows in our local theatres.

We’d like to acknowledge & give thanks to our forefathers & mothers that gave us the gift of these dances to which we are loyal to passing on to other generations whilst remaining true to the roots.





Vicki Stavrinos

Our partners & Community

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